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Hey there! I'm Eryk.

I like learning, homestuck, Melee, music, anime, video games, travel, and trying new things. I usually post things on this blog that are related in some way to these things, or just stuff that inspires me or makes me smile. Come on inside, I'd love to meet you :D

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We ordered Dominos on the internet today

They have those “Special requests” things on the website so I put “ノックしてください” which roughly translates into “Please knock” probably with terrible grammar

It took them like 50 minutes to quality check the pizza, presumably because they couldn’t read our request. Eventually we decided to tip a little extra, but we didn’t have any money so we put a bunch of extra quarters in an envelope and wrote “だいすき” on it (which means basically “I really like you”)

They didn’t knock though, and the guy didn’t really look inside the envelope to see if there was enough money in there. I think he just wanted to get rid of us.

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